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Environmental Impact Evaluations

Environmental assessment is required where the complexity and scale of a proposed project, technology, resource allocation, or siting considerations create uncertainty about the exact nature of environmental effects or result in a potential for significant adverse environmental effects.


Honors Residence Hall

West Hartford Campus Disposition


*NEW* Notice of Scoping for the University of Connecticut Honors Residence Hall

Municipality where proposed project might be located: Mansfield

Address of Possible Project Location: Gilbert Road on the University of Connecticut Storrs Campus, Mansfield, CT

Project Description:  

The University of Connecticut (UCONN) proposes to construct a new Honors Program Residence Hall and dining facility on South Campus, at the corner of Gilbert Road and Mansfield Drive.  The proposed residence hall will include approximately 650 beds and an integrated dining facility providing approximately 700 seats.  The proposed facility will total approximately 210,000 gross square feet within a 5- to 6-story structure and an 8- to 9-story tower element.  This building will serve as the new heart of the UCONN Honors community, strategically located to foster greater integration with the existing campus community, while providing a single home for the various programs that comprise the University’s Honors and Enrichment programs.  The proposed facility will include program offices, seminar and multipurpose rooms, and common spaces.  The project will also include creation of adjacent outdoor spaces that support recreation, learning, and reflection, and foster connectivity with the surrounding campus.

The project is anticipated to tie into existing central utilities for chilled water, steam, and electricity, will receive backup power from a dedicated emergency generator, and will be designed to achieve a minimum Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Silver designation. The proposed location for the site of the residence hall and dining facility is within Mirror Lake’s watershed which discharges to the Fenton River watershed, and it is also partially within the University of Connecticut National Register Historic District. Construction of the Honors Residence Hall and dining facility will require the removal of two houses on the south side of Gilbert Road that are contributing structures to the National Register district. The proposed action includes closure of Gilbert Road to vehicular traffic for approximately 950 feet between Whitney Road and Mansfield Road to create a pedestrian walkway and modifications to Whitney Road to accommodate redirected traffic from Gilbert Road.  

Project Maps: Click here to view a map of the project area.

Written comments: from the public are welcomed and will be accepted through December 18, 2014.

A Public Hearing was held on:

Date:     December 2, 2014

Time:   7:00 p.m. (Doors will be open at 6:00 p.m. to allow review of informational materials.)

Place:    Room 146, UConn Bishop Center; One Bishop Circle; Storrs, CT 06269

Honors Residence Hall Public Scoping Meeting, December 2, 2014

[reserve for link to scoping meeting transcript]


Written comments should be sent to:
Name:    Paul Ferri
Agency:   UConn - Office of Environmental Policy
Address: 31 LeDoyt Road, U-3055; Storrs, CT 06269
Fax:        860-486-5477

If you have questions about the Public Scoping Meeting, or other questions about the scoping for this project, please contact Mr. Ferri as directed above.



Proposed Disposition of the University of Connecticut Greater Hartford Campus

*NEW*August 12, 2014 Public Scoping Meeting Presentation Slides and Transcript

Municipality where proposed project might be located: West Hartford

Address of Possible Project Location: 85 Lawler Road, 1345 Trout Brook Drive, and 1796-1800 Asylum Ave., West Hartford, CT

Project Description:  The Greater Hartford campus is currently situated on 58 acres and includes the Harleigh B. Tracker Library; the Information Technology Center building; the School of Social Work building; the Undergraduate building; and a Facilities Operations building. The campus also includes surface parking for 1,050 vehicles and intramural playing fields. It currently serves approximately 1,400 undergraduate and 1,520 full- and part-time graduate students.  In addition, there are approximately 410 faculty and other affiliated or non-affiliated staff utilizing the facilities.

The operations of UConn’s Greater Hartford campus are moving to the City of Hartford at a site anchored by the former Hartford Times building. Final agreements to authorize the move were signed on June 3, 2014, and construction will start in late 2015 or early 2016. Classes are expected to begin as early as fall 2017. 

Possible disposition for the current Greater Hartford (i.e., West Hartford) campus might include, but not be limited to, the following or any combination thereof: 

  • Demolition of campus improvements
  • Stabilizing and securing campus buildings and grounds (e.g., mothballing)
  • Reuse by an institute of higher education
  • Reuse and/or redevelopment by a state agency or municipality
  • Redevelopment for commercial and/or residential use
  • No action (remains an active UConn campus)

Considerations include, but are not limited to, the socio-economic linkages with the nearby Bishop's Corner neighborhood and the entire Town of West Hartford; consistency with the local, regional, and state plans of conservation and development; future use and disposal of hazardous materials; campus areas within the floodplain/floodway of Trout Brook; and wetlands.

Note: The University received written confirmation from CT Office of Policy and Management that an Environmental Impact Evaluation is not required for the redevelopment of the abandoned Hartford Times office building for educational use (Letter).

Project Maps:  Click here to view a map of the project area.  Click here to view a map of the existing campus. 

The comment period on this evaluation has closed.

If you have questions about the Public Scoping Meeting, or other questions about the scoping for this project, contact:

Jason Coite
University of Connecticut
31 LeDoyt Rd., UNIT 3055, Storrs, CT
Phone:  860-486-9305
Fax: 860-486-5477



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